Shaft changes in cold weather

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Ken O

Do graphite shafts in the 710 AP1 tend to play stiffer in cold (40 and below) weather?


That's a very good question Ken. I would think that they would, but I don't know for sure. Looking forward to an answer to your question from one of the experts at TT. Let us know Cathi, I'm curious also.

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Cameron D


There shouldn't be too much of an affect in performance based on your weather conditions.  The shafts (and clubs) are tested in all different weather conditions to perform at the highest level.  The bigger concern is where you store your clubs and the length they are stored in certain temperature conditions.  Recommended is to store your clubs in a place free of moisture and at room temperature, but again these clubs are tested to handle different storage temperatures (ie trunk on an extremely hot/cold day).