714 MB that much an advantage over 690 MB?

Alright guys I have been playing 690 MB for about 5-6 years now and love them. Do not currently have a handicap but I do not shot over 80 anywhere I play. Always from the tips as well. Hit 714 MB saturday night at golf galaxy and I must say I couldnt tell a difference in feel. Now of course it was inside on a simulator of course but the feel did not feel any different then my 690s. So my question is any difference i am going to see in spending $1000 for new 714 mb?

Ok So Blades are Blades in some sense. there isn't going to be a drastic difference between the 690's and the 714's. simply because blades haven't changed as much as cavity backs over the years. and they really haven't had to.  but i will say this. its a work ability thing. now then its not like comparing AP1'S to AP2's. there is a lot of significant work ability differences in those two clubs. you not going to find that same drastic difference between your 690's and the new 714. but there is some. the way the heal grind  has been done and the leading edge sharpness. If you really like your 690's and can't part with them i understand that feeling. but I'll say this i bought the 712 line and absolutely loved them. even so much i bought a second set. now then I think web Simpson still uses 690's and they work for him. but look at the other pros and there feed back on the run up to the 714 line. an over whelming majority of them told titlist don't mess with the mbs we love how they are now. that's a major statement. they didn't say tweak this or grind that or used a different material. nothing about feel or how they look. So if you Got Pro's those guys who make a living with those clubs saying we love what you got. that's a testament that the 714 line is a great buy. I would recomend them. will you magicly drop 5 strokes. probably not. but i will say this. you wont buy them an say they weren't any good. 

Dont know if that helped at all but Cheers greens and fairways to all 


From my experience...

I currently use 712 MB's. Have the 660's, 70's, 80's, and 90's. It seems that I can work the ball a little better with the 714's. Not that huge of a difference from the 712's. It depends on what you're looking for. If you'd like to work the ball more, then yes, there will be a big difference between the 690's and 714's. Along with the new technology in shafts...they could be more consistent than the 690's. If I were you, I'd get a hold on your local Titleist rep to schedule a fitting. Take your current 6 iron with you. Your fitter will be able to fit you in to the perfect 714 head/shaft combo. After that, you could compare numbers with your current 6 iron against what the fitter puts you in. 

I just posted the same question about the AP2s. In my opinion, the MBs would have a very minor difference in those 2 models. I guess the AP2s would have more of an ability to change than the MBs since they are cavity back.

I would setup an appointment with Golf Galaxy to see the difference between the 690 and 714 on the monitors. However, keep in mind they are there to sell and the monitors aren't extremely accurate, but it should be good enough to give you an idea.

I know we all like the newest stuff, but I'm not sure you'll notice a huge difference. Perhaps some new Vokey wedges instead?  :)

well i bought a 913 d2 custom fitted and performance is amazing over my 909 d3. i hit the 913 dead straight and if i miss hit it still wont miss fairway so far. i ordered custom fit ap2s monday and should be here soon! cant wait to try them out! and i will be looking into wedges too and a new 3 wood as well