what is my clubs customized.

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hello. 712 ap2 irons have. my serial number 2AIBC. in all clubs. I know they are customized clubs. wanted to know what it is customized. shaft? lie? length? loft? 4-PW? 4-PW, SW? 3-PW? I need to know please full spec of my clubs. Best Regards

joe c

you can contact Titleist and give them your registration number i.e. the serial number and tell you what the specs are on your clubs providing you are the original owner. if not take them to a club repair shop and they can easily give you the specs on your irons and compare that to a standard set of AP2's. hope this helps.


Thank you. yeah, I'm the original owner, and contact titleist and I responded that in its data base and serial number are standard spec.