712 CB or MB?

I am 15 years old and its time to upgrade my irons. I don't know which irons would be better for me for the upcoming years. I average around a 78 and have a 4.5 handicap. My scoring average has been going down a lot over the past few years. I have tried out all of the titleist irons and I like the look and feel of the CB and MB most. 

Order a combo set 3, 4, 5, in CB and 6-pw in MB. The mix is up to you they are both great clubs and the CB would be a little more forgiving in the longer irons. 


The CB will give you a little more forgiveness, but know that you could also consider a mix set of CB and MBs (ie. 3-6 iron CB and 7-PW MB).  The best way to determine which model would work best is to have a certified fitter analyze your game.  They will be able to figure out what model you will be most consistent with and performs the best for your swing. 



I am the same age and I had around the same scoring average until i got my combo set. Now i have been shooting even par to 1 over each time I play. I believe the combo set will work the best for you and give you the most success. 

The difference in forgiveness is minimal between the cb and mb. The mb's are more responsive and you can work the ball a little better. Only a fitter would be able to perfectly set you up but in my case I use MB's (1 hcp). However I will be switching to AP2's for my 5 and 4 iron. Maybe thats the way to go for you as well. MB's and CB's long irons (5 and lower) are tough to hit man (-;

Go to your PGA Pro and get on the monitor.  Try the clubs and see your stats.  From there, you can make an educated decision.

The numbers won't lie - trust them and your pro's recommendation.

Owen, I would recommend whichever ones you feel you like the look and feel of better.  I have a set of the 712MB's, and the are much more foregiving than the perception is.  I don't have a perfect swing, but I'm typically able to get the clubface square at impact, which is all important - and for me, the feeling of that contact, on the MB's, is unmatched.  A combo set could be a great way to go as well!  Congrats on your pending purchase, and good luck with your golf career - looks like you're building a SOLID foundation to achieve a lot of success!

Owen its all about comfort at this point. i always recommend seeing a good fitter and testing out the clubs for your self. I my self have really enjoyed the MB line. I don't find the long irons hard to hit at all. I actually had more problems hitting an AP2 3 iron then i did MB's. its definitely a personnel preference at this point. Me personally i am going to play blades as long as i can. i love the feel, look and work ability of them. good luck on your choice.

Cheers, greens and fairways to all


Thanks for all the help! I ended up ordering the 712 CB irons 3-P with S300 shafts!

Congrats on the new clubs you will love them. I have them with KBS Tour Stiff shafts. Best clubs I've ever owned

Congrats on your new clubs!  You will be able to keep them a long time and they will perform great for you!!