New Irons!

As a late Christmas present to myself, today I ordered a new set of irons.  I had been debating between going with the 714 ap2 or the cb.  After trying both, I decided to do a combo set of 4-6 ap2 and 7-p cbs.  I liked the higher launching long irons of the ap2 and the more penetrating flight of the cbs in the shorter irons.  After trying multiple head/shaft combinations, I ended up ordering 4-6 ap2 and 7-p cbs 1 degree flat with KBS tour stiff shifts and new decade multi-compound black and red grips. I will finally be Titleist all through the bag. Can't wait to get these babies in and try them out on the course!


I have the 714 ap2's and I love them!

Congrats on the new irons.  Got my 714 AP2's for my birthday, couldn't be happier.

Fairways and Greens in '14,


congrats on the new sticks. Now is the hardest part of the process - waiting for the new irons to arrive. Good luck with them and be sure to send us a scouting report after they arrive. Steve

Congratulations on the new clubs, but what were you old Sticks


I'm switching from mizzy mp 53s which I've had a couple of years. I've always wanted to get in to a titleist iron, and now I finally have! 

My new irons came in a few days ago, and I took them out on the course to break them in a couple of days ago.  I only played nine holes and didn't have best stuff as I haven't gotten to play much this winter, but the irons performed incredibly! The feel of these are second to none, I highly recommend looking at the Titleist 714 series if you're in the market for new irons this season.