Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual Balance

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Sean FN


I putted the Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual Balance and was surprised how much I liked it. The feel, balance, and weight all felt terrific. If I wanted to order one 2-degrees flat, what would that change the lie angle to?

Thank you,



2 degrees flat would change your lie angle to 68*, standard is 70*

Sean FN

Thank you MK, I appreciate it. :-)

Tom P

Great to hear this feedback. I am waiting for my new Futura X Dual Balance putter to arrive.  When I demoed it 4 weeks ago at Oceanside, it felt better than any putter I have ever used. Scotty Cameron continues to hit the mark for golfers at all levels.  

Tom P

My new Futura X Dual Balance 38 inches arrived today.  Two brutally cold days here in NC, but getting much warmer for the weekend.  So I will put it into play on Sunday at Pinehurst #2.  Not a bad place to use it for the first time. I'll report back next week.  Meanwhile, I'm keeping it warm in my golf room.  

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Here's to some warmer weather, Tom! Hope you guys have fun at Pinehurst.

Post some pics so we can live vicariously through you as we enjoy single digit weather up here in the north. :)




Just received my DB Futura X last week and promptly sent it off to the SC Custom Shop to have some paintfill and other items done to it similar to my other Futura X that is not a counter balance model.  It is also a great time to have loft and lie adjustments done...Here is a picture: I also add a sightline to the top of the face for a litttle extra help!