AP2 714 The Real Deal

Started by : Greg B |

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Greg B

If you are looking to add any clubs to your bag, the Titleist AP2 714's are legit.  I highly recommend a custom fitting to your swing and your game and you will see immediate results.  Mine came in today and I am more than satisfied.  Thank you Titleist!


What irons did you play previously?

Greg B


I was playing the Titleist CB 712's but since I haven't been able to play as frequently as I was then, I wanted something that was a little more forgiving but yet still workable. I demo'ed the Rocketblades, cally, Adams and png and none of them compared to the AP2's. The miz's were also a choice but when I compared them to the AP2, my mind was made up. Also, I was fortunate enough to have my Titleist fitting done by the Titleist Tour Fitting Van which was absolutely amazing. 


I played the AP2 712 and recently upgraded to the AP2 714....one comment...Wow! They are more forgiving and the feel is even better!  Good post, I agree...they are awesome sticks!