Cb mob combo set price

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Darren F

I'm looking to buy a cb mb combo set. 3-6 cb and 7-p mb, just wondering what sort of price range this will be? Any information/advice would be appreciated. Thanks 

Samuel C

HI Darren,

It really all depends on what shafts and grips you get. If you stick with the stock TT shaft and M580 (Titleist) grip, they should charge you the retail price of about $999.99 (that's if you order the full set). But if you order less, say 4-PW, then they will charge you per iron (about $125). 

That's what's so great about Titleist is that if you want to order something custom, like a combo set, you won't really be paying more for it (if you stay with the stock items), you just need to give them some time to build it to your specs and then shipped out to you.

What shafts and grips are you looking for?

Let us know what you end up getting and how you like them. 



Darren F

Will do thanks for the advice and information