special order iron lofts

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owen p

I just ordered a combo set of 714 irons. 3-6 in AP2 and 7-pw in CB and they are 1 inch long and 1* flat. My question is will Titleist keep the lofts how they are or change them since the stock AP2 lofts and the stock CB lofts are a bit different where the set splits. Would i have to have ordered them to be changed? Thanks 

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

We will not change lofts unless requested.  If you want lofts changed, please contact your pro right away as the order will get started within an hour of your pro calling it in.

owen p

is there any way you could track my order since i wont recieve a tracking number since it is going to a store. the order number is 198252.thanks