Lets see your paintfill jobs

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Curtis M

Thinking about doing the new clubs and wanted to see some of other people jobs.  So post some pics!!

Curtis M

Well I went ahead and did mine.   Heres the irons, I'll get some pics of the wedges and putter once they dry!   Not sure if I like the blue for the "forged" though..   Might have to go back to black..

Curtis M

Heres the wedges and putter


Looks good!  I like that you didn't go overboard with the blue, especially on the wedges.  Combining the white with the blue makes it look a little more classy in my opinion.

Andrew H

All of those look great!  I don't know why I never thought of doing this.  What type of paint did you use?

Brian D


These look great.  I would be very proud to game those babies.  Nice looking set!




Here is my SC Futura X Dual Balance....


I would like to have a red alignment line on my GoLo-S and yours looks great. I would also like to know what paint you used, and how you went about painting yours. i.e. did you mask it off, or just have a steady hand?  

Curtis M

Chris, great looking Futura!!    Go Hawkeyes!!

But anywho, the type of paint I used is called Model Master Acryl.    Honestly I am not sure how well it will hold up once I finally get to swing my new babies.   Hopefully good but if not, on to another paint I will go!     

As for my process....   I am pretty sure no one in the world has that steady of a hand to do some of those Vokey letters.  In the spots I could though that is how I did it.   The rest was just fill in over the edges, let dry, then softly rub over with cotton slightly wet with acetone over the area.   I will gladly help anyone with more instruction, just ask!  


They look very nice. I might have to try this with my irons. 

Chris S

Looking good guys!

You should be able to pick up some paint pens from a hobby store that have fine metal tips, almost like a needle. They definately help with the smaller fine lines.

Hope that helps,

 Chris S


Here is one of my 303 SS OTR Newport Putters with some custom paintfill....just for fun!


I saw at the Waste Management Open this week in Phoenix one of the pros experimenting with the same putter as I had some custom paintfill done (albeit by the Scotty Cameron CS).  Sill a great putter...may look a little odd though to some!

Club Champion


Sharpie also makes some paint pens that will do the trick.  I have done all of my wedges over the years.


Chuck Z

I bought a paint stick at a local hardware store but was not aware that sharpie made paint pens.  The paint stick does not come in a small point.  Thanks for that tip.  Will have to get those to use in the future, I like their points.  Did one of my older SC putters in all black.  Thanks TT.  :-)