714 AP2 - Pickers/Sweepers?

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Amir A

Hello all,

I'm wondering if 714 AP2 would be a good set of clubs for someone who is more of a picker/sweeper than a digger?

I've hit the 714 AP2s at a grass range and they seemed fairly decent - but I've made a ton of swing changes and shallowed out my downswing.  It's cold here in the Northeast so it is hard to due to a proper test.

Thanks in advance.


Team Titleist Club Concierge

Cameron D


The 714 AP2 play well for both pickers and diggers.  They have a moderate bounce to accomodate both types of players.



Don O

Steve Stricker is a sweeper and plays AP2s.  That's an endorsement. 

Amir A


Thank you.


Chuck Z

I purchased the 714 AP2s when the were first released this year and I am pretty much a sweeper.  Too accommodate this action I changed my ball, based on a Titleist fitting, from a Prov1x to a Prov1.  I am still adjusting because of the shaft change and the weather has not been cooperative this autumn, but they look promising.  Got out yesterday and 3 under on the front and 3 over on the backside.  I feel as a sweeper I might loose a little distance, but am very pleased with the new AP2s.  I think it is all about what you feel comfortable with and can score with.....