913D2 is amazing

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David P

I have only been aver only been playing for 3 years slowly working my handy cap down from a high of 40 to 18. After year one I purchased a TM burner 2.0 driver thinking that TM is the best. I consistently sliced my drives for the last 2 3/4 years but I stuck with this club trying a few others with no improvement. A few months ago I demoed the 913D2 at a local golf smith shop and fell in love. I purchased this club and played 5 rounds hiring it farther and dead straight! This diver just feels right. I have since added a hybrid and 3 wood and am going to get fit for a set of AP1's next month. 

Cameron D


Great to hear the success you are having with those clubs!  Keep hitting them well and enjoy the new irons!