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Gregg D

Will the 913d2 head go on the shaft where a 910d2 was?

Robert R

They are exactly the same for the 910 and 913 DRIVERS, but are different for the 910 and 913 FAIRWAYS and HYBRIDS.

Antti K post:


I bought two new 913 clubs, fairway wood and hybrid. Previously I have four Titleist 910 clubs, driver, fairway wood and few hybrids, and also few extra shafts. I assumed that shafts are compatible with each other, but these were not. Is it realy true that 910 and 913 shafts are a bit different and these can't be interchanged. If it is so I am very disappointed.

Don't Be Disappointed Antti,

Have you tried them or just taking the sales persons word for it?

I have the new 913 D3 Driver  and the 13.5 Fairway Wood and I also have  a 910 Driver , 910 15 Degree 3 Wood and 2 910 Hybrids.  I am currently playing my 913 D3 Head with the shaft out of my 910 3 wood and it works just fine.  

// Found these answers in previous threads that seem to suffice as an answer, Hit'em Well.!!!

Team Titleist Club Concierge

Cameron D


Yes, those are compatible.