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ap1 vs ap2. any regrets

Bryan L

I am coming from png s56 and must decide between the 714 ap1 or ap2. Has anyone purchased either and then had regrets for not going with the other model after using them? Please share your thoughts. Thanks

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  1. Chuck Z

    Have AP2S and have no regrets.  Purcased an older set before purchasing 714s.  Love the feel of the 714s. 
  2. Bryan L


  3. Curtis M

    Have not been able to hit my 714's outdoors yet.   But inside on simulators I absolutley love the feel of them.  If you pull the trigger on them, you will not regret it.  

  4. Kurt V

    I have both. Gonna play the AP2's 6-PW and keep the 4,5 iron in the AP1's

    AP2's just feel better to me. Launch just as high and go just as far.

    i went from png S58's to 712 CB's now 714 AP2's. I could play any of these and be happy. I run into trouble at a 5 iron. I don't like clunky scoring irons. I grew up playing Wilson staff blades I then went to png eye 2. That is about the biggest head I can handle on an iron. Every "game improvement "iron I have hit just dont work for me. I may  go to a hybrids and have the 6 be my longest iron. 

    I use KBS stiff soft stepped 2 times and the feel is awesome. 

  5. matthew s

    I know this is a couple models ago but I have the ap1 710's and love them. great feel
  6. Dan W

    Hello Bryan,

    In my experiences, it seems the people who make decisions they later regret usually rush into those decisions. Find yourself a professional club fitter and talk to them. Tell them why you're dissatisfied with your irons and what you're looking for out of a new set. Find a local demo day. Go out and try hitting shots with both irons and see how they behave for you.

    Best regards,

  7. Bryan L

    Chuck, thanks for the reply. I was set on getting the ap2s but don't want to make the same mistake like o did when I jumped into the s59 blades. Didn't know if the ap2s would be too much club or not. Were you debating between the 1s and 2s or were you getting the ap2s from the start?
  8. tdogg21

    I think you need to be really honest with yourself on how much game improvement you really need and want.  The last set of irons I bought were more game improvement than I wanted, but I couldn't resist the deal I was getting.  And I'm glad I made the choice I did.  With two young kids, my practice time is non-existent.  So every little bit of forgiveness helps.  And I have no problems still working the ball "enough" for my game.

  9. David B

    I purchased the AP1 2008 model a few years back after playing the 735 CM for years thinking I would like a little more offset but still remaining with Titleist brand.  I did not like looking at that thicker topline, I only played them a round or two.  I now have the AP2 712 which I do like.  They are a "forgiving" blade!

  10. Bryan L

    Did you get the 1s ot 2s?
  11. Don O

    Bryan L

    I am coming from png s56 and must decide between the 714 ap1 or ap2. Has anyone purchased either and then had regrets for not going with the other model after using them? Please share your thoughts. Thanks

    Many of us have only been throwing snowballs since the 714s were released.  You are coming from a player's iron, so the AP2 would be the logical starting point.  The AP1 is pretty hard to hit anywhere but straight, the forged AP2 will work more.  If you have difficulty hitting the long irons in s56, you can get fit for a couple or so AP1s in the long irons and the rest in AP2s.  Worth getting fit at least an Advanced Fitting Center outside.  The fitting fee may be discounted with a set of irons purchased.  Service worthy of a king is available at the Titleist Oceanside/Manchester, but the fitting fee is in addition to purchasing the clubs from a local pro shop.  Even some of the Titleist pros have used mixed sets based on their game.  Since Titleist prices per club, no reason to get a full set of one and be unhappy with half the clubs.

    I've got 712 AP1s now but will recheck the launch and shaft.  If they need to be re-shafted with a stiffer shaft, I may look at AP1/AP2 for at least 7-9 irons and a 46 SM5 in place of a PW.  I had a chance to compare the 714 AP1 6I in a stiffer shaft against my 712 and have been drooling since.

  12. Glen W

    I'm currently playing 695 MB. Considering purchasing either 714 AP 2 or 714 MB. Any thoughts or comments re: ball lfight, distance, etc. between two basedon same shaft in each? Thank you!



  13. nucjg695

    I got fit on a launch monitor for 712 AP2s and love them (fitter rolled in the cost of the fitting into the club purchase too).  If a fitter isn't available or affordable, I'd buy some impact tape (available at golf shops or internet stores for low cost) and hit some balls with your current irons.  If the marks on the tape are pretty consistent, you can probably lean toward AP2s.  If the marks are dispersedl over the clubface, you'd probably be better off with AP1s.

    Again, a fitter would know better, but I think this is a reasonable way to self assess if you need to.


  14. james w

    I have 712 ap2s, coming from TM and love them but like mentioned go and get fit if you don't get the rite shaft for you the head will not preform the way you want and you wont be happy.

  15. Daniel Rimmelzwaan

    I think the right answer is to try them yourself and pick the ones that suits your game. Go to a store where they have a range and they will let you hit all clubs, from the grass, without tape. I'm in SE Michigan and I always go to Carl's Golfland or Miles of Golf. I absolutely LOVE my AP1's, and I picked them after hitting balls with a ton of different makes/models. It's a perfect fit for me, which was a surprise to me because I'm not very good :). The guy next to my stall swore by cally and could not hit Titleist straight. You need to try them yourself and pick the ones that you like the best. When you whittle it down to a couple, then go to a fitter.

    Someone else also mentioned that you need to be honest about which clubs you get, and I would add that also applies to which flex to get. I always laugh when guys look at my regulars and kind of pull up their noses and say "I hit extra stiff blades", and when they always look for their ball to the right of the fairway they don't realize it's because their flex is too stiff for their swing. Also don't get hung up on club classification. Don't not get AP1 for instance if you think of yourself as a player. If you just flush it every time, why would you get any other club?

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