ap1 vs ap2. any regrets

I think the right answer is to try them yourself and pick the ones that suits your game. Go to a store where they have a range and they will let you hit all clubs, from the grass, without tape. I'm in SE Michigan and I always go to Carl's Golfland or Miles of Golf. I absolutely LOVE my AP1's, and I picked them after hitting balls with a ton of different makes/models. It's a perfect fit for me, which was a surprise to me because I'm not very good :). The guy next to my stall swore by cally and could not hit Titleist straight. You need to try them yourself and pick the ones that you like the best. When you whittle it down to a couple, then go to a fitter.

Someone else also mentioned that you need to be honest about which clubs you get, and I would add that also applies to which flex to get. I always laugh when guys look at my regulars and kind of pull up their noses and say "I hit extra stiff blades", and when they always look for their ball to the right of the fairway they don't realize it's because their flex is too stiff for their swing. Also don't get hung up on club classification. Don't not get AP1 for instance if you think of yourself as a player. If you just flush it every time, why would you get any other club?

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I hit the Ap2's yesterday pretty well on a launch monitor. The shafts were. Kbs stiff. The salesman said kbs raise the ball flight over the TT gold s300 shafts. I got there to close to closing time to hit the TT shaft. Loved the feel of them. Leaning towards AP2's. Must now find a good deal on them.

Hi Bryan , I had a fitting in October and my clubs were delivered in November . I purchased a set of 714 AP1's   and it was the best choice I ever made concerning my golf game.

I am hitting the ball higher and with about 10 more yards then with the TM irons I used in the past. The AP1's are absolutely more forgiving.

I have no doubt in my mind that Titleist makes the best equipment in golf.

Good luck with your game !

I had the 712 AP1's but really wanted the look of a smaller head but was afraid it was too much like a blade for me to hit. Well I went with a new set of AP2's 714 models with KBS C-Tapers (soft stepped) couldn't be happier.

You were in the exact same boat as me then.  I am looking for a good deal on the 714 ap2's right now.  Cant wait as i have been waiting for over a year to pull the trigger.  Thanks for your thoughts.

Hi all! Just got out today in Northern Colorado. (some Snow left but 70degrees!!!! Got to play my new 714 AP1 irons and wedges. So on topic--Shot an Got my 714 AP1 and wedges before Xmas and in a word. They are amazing. And as all Golfers are different. I chose the AP1s because I felt I could find more GIR. An today proved it. Long/ accurate iron shots. Vary Happy