Scotty Cameron Select Headweight (Silver 2014)

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Are the heads the same weight as the Black versions?  Ie a Newport 2 head with 10 gram weights is 350 grams?


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Cameron D


Yes, they are.  the 35", with 10g weights, is 350g.




Sweet thanks!

Matt B

I believe the standard head weighting is as follows; 10g weights = 340g head / 15g weights = 350g head / 20g weights = 360g head. Today you can order just about any length & weight set-up you want.


regardless of sole weight you may wish to look at the static weight (including grip) since some scotty grips are heavier like the Pistolero and some are lighter like the Pistolini.  These will all have an impact on the "feel" and "swingweight" of your putter.  I believe for the Select line they are using Pistolero still however you may find a sole weight and different combination fits your game better than another...depends on how particular you are.  Regardless, enjoy your journey finding the perfect putter for your game!