DCI Black Oversized

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William B

Can anyone tell me the weight of the shafts on my DCI Black Oversized +, also looking to reshaft my DCI's what shaft would you recommend ?  Thank you, Bill 

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Cameron D


If they are the stock steel Tri-Spec shafts they are 118g.  If they are the stock graphite Tri-Spec shafts they are 90g.  



William B

What is the tip diameter of the DCI BLACK. I  want to reshaft them with regular flex, I can no longer hit stiff flex and cannot afford new titleist. Thank you - Bill

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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

.355 taper tipped shafts

Scot W

As long as we are on the dci oversize I have the oversize gold and looking for an 8 iron. ?????? And ideas

Chuck Z

Have you tried ebay.....I looked there a few on there for sell.......