AP2 714 with XP105 Shafts

Started by : Robert J |

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Robert J

Anyone hit this or have this combo?  Looking for info on how the shafts play in these irons.  Thanks.

Tony M

I've got XP95s in my AP2s and I couldn't be happier.  The long irons are so much easier to get airborne compared to the CBs with DG shafts that I used to have.  I hit every shaft Titleist offers during my fitting and the XP95s were easily my favorite, both because of how they felt and how I hit them.  The light weight lets me feel the position of the clubhead yet thay aren't whippy at all.  For reference my driver ss is in the high 90s and I hit my 8 iron about 155 if that helps.

Robert J

Thanks, I appreciate the reply.

sd p


Thank you so much. I bought ap2 xp95 shaft 2 wks ago and am waiting for it to arrive ( 2wks but still waiting...) , I was not confident enough with my decision to go to xp 95 although i tested it vs. DG stock shaft and felt better with 95 than dg.  But after your comment, I became comfortable and happy with 95. Thanks a lot!!!  My driver ss is high 90s like you.