New 913H 24' blue 82 stiff shaft in the bag

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Chris T

Alright , I just put a 913h 24 in the bag i have been fighting clean contact with the 5 and 4 iron .I already have a 913h 21 that plays to about 170 . Anyone else playing a 24 hybrid , thoughts ??


I have the same dilemma, as I play the hybrids more reliably than the irons.  I am 60 years old, so not as athletic as most golfers.  I do not play from the tips, and try to play course tees that are about 6500 yards.

My clubs are 909F 5W/18.5 degrees, then 909 3H/21 and 4H/24, and AP2 5 iron set to 28 degrees and 6 iron set to 32 degrees. I like to play 4 SM4 C-C wedges set at  48-52-56-60.

I play my 6 iron to 165 yards, 5 iron to 175 yards, 4H/185 yards, 3H/195 yards, and 5W/210 yards.  I decided to eliminate the 5 iron from my set, I will choke up on the 4H to take distance off.  If there are several par 3s that are set to 175 yards, then I take out the 3H and put in the 5 iron.

Hope this helps, Rod

Chuck Z

Just bought mine a few weeks ago and love it.  Great shaft and getting the right shaft is the name of the game....Like the straight line and the air it's about feel with the H clubs.....I'm 68 and depend on my H clubs......they keep me in the senior tees and having so much more 714 AP2 irons (5-PW) set a AP1 lofts (50 and 56 Wedges) took me a while to get the right setup, but this works well for me....