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Graphite Design Shafts

Vernon C

I am currently using the 913 D2 driver with the Bassara Regular shaft and thinking of upgrading to the Graphite Design Tour BB5 shaft.  What is the performance difference between the R1 and R2 shafts besides the weight? Also, what would the difference be between the Bassara and the Graphite Design?

Thanks,  Vernon

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  1. Cameron D


    R2 will play softer to flex than the R1.  Comparing that BB5 to the Bassara, the Bassara will play a bit softer.  It will also come un-tipped, where as BB5 will be tipped 1/2".  



  2. Vernon C

    Thanks Cameron. Could you explain the difference between tipped and untipped?

    Thanks,  Vernon

  3. Cameron D


    The tip end of the shaft, which is inserted into the club head, sometimes is cut or trimmed to provide more stiffness in the shaft.  Our R&D Team has developed a certain amount of tipping needed for each shaft to perform at a standard level.  Some players look to tip the shafts to make them play more stiff, or have them installed untipped to have them play a bit softer to flex. 



  4. Vernon C

    Thanks for the information. It looks like the Graphite Design Tour BB5 R2 shaft might be the shaft that I would be interested in. Will try to see if the Titleist reps here have a demo that I can try. On another matter, at a Titleist Demo day, I tried hitting the AP2 six iron with the XP95 shaft. I hit it flush several times and it felt good. I have been using png irons with graphite shafts for several years now and have gotten used to graphite. When I asked the rep about graphite shafts, he mentioned that since I was hitting the AP2 so good with steel, why consider graphite. What are your thoughts on this comment and on graphite shafts for the AP2. Thanks, Vernon

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