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Jake S

Hi TT,

I was hoping that someone could tell me if there is any difference between the weighting in the heads of the Futura X and Futura X DB putters.  I currently have a Futura X DB 38" but am not really happy with the length of the putter and am thinking about getting it cut down to about a 33"-34" and removing the counterbalanced grip.  

Has anyone done this in the past and has it affected the mechanics of the putter in any way?  I am worried that the weighting in the Futura X DB is completely different than the normal Futura X and it will throw the putter off.  Any help or advice would be really appreciated.


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Cameron D


The Futura X Dual Balance is 400g versus the head weights of the Futura X being 360g-380g depending on the length.  It isn't recommended to cut the Dual Balance down as it will not have the same balance or feel.