Scotty Cameron weights?

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Does anyone know where I can buy a legitimate set of the full weight range including the tool of scotty Cameron weights for the 2012 scotty Cameron California Montery 1.5 putter? I have been looking around but have not been able to find one specifically for that club, or are they all the same sizes and fit every putter and just the styles are different. any knowledge shared will be greatly appreciated Cheers :)

Chuck Z

Have you tried this will probably not find it in the store, but they might be able to tell you where to get addition, most stores that see SC putters could probably order it for


IF you go on under the store/ cameron creations there is a sole weight customization kit. It  has everything you need.




You can buy a set on the studio stroe on or you can also send in your putter to the custom shop at and have new weights installed (they will return your original weights also). 

Good Luck!