What irons should i buy

I am using titleist dci 981 irons witch i purchased in 2000 (ca). I haven't played much golf in recent years and my swing is more restricted as not so supple as before. I find it difficult to hit sound iron shots (especially 3-5 iron), also i have lost distance especially with these irons. I'm "back to business" as far as playing golf at a regular basis is concerned (54 holes a week). Hoping to cut my hcp. back to were it was (4), what titleist irons should i buy? Any ideas?

Good guestion.....AP1s might be a good fit for you or a combination of AP1s and AP2s.....but I am not a fitter....I would recommend that you go to a reputable fitter and try the new AP1s and AP2s and see what he/she would recommend.....regard the longer irons (i.e. 3 or 4 iron) you might consider taking a look at Titleist hybrids.....very easy to hit and forgiving.......in combining sets, some have gone AP1 5, 6, 7 and AP2 8,9,PW and then Vokey wedges.......just food for thought......again, the key is proper fitting which leads to more fairways and greens and having fun......

I recently purchased the AP1's and I LOVE them. They are very forgiving and easy to hit. In my opinion, the AP1's long irons are the best feeling long irons out there. I tried many different clubs during my fitting and nothing could compare!! Good luck!

you should read my post, golf clubs, help me, help me, help me.  Might help, might not.

My suggestion would be to go to a facility where you can hit the different models that Titleist has to offer. When I went to demo the irons I was pretty sure I was going to get the AP2's.  I had the 990 irons and thought that maybe I was getting too old to handle the 714 CB or MB irons. After trying both clubs on two separate occasions I ended up with the 714CB's. My handicap has dropped from an 8 to a five. Love the 714CB and have actually gained some of the distance that I had lost. Have also found it easier to hit the 3 - 5 irons higher.

Good luck on your quest for new and better irons.



pal m: it could get confusing listening to all our advise because most of us went to fitters.....best advise, do the same....go see a fitter and try every combination........until you are happy.....and until you get that FEEL......cheers....chuck