Adjusting the 913 D3

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T. B

I understand that the loft and lie can be adjusted and further that they are independent of each other (adjusting loft does not affect the lie/and adjusting lie does not affect the loft); but does either affect the club face from an open or close aspect? Thanks

James E


It is my understanding that changing the loft will change the club face. Lofting down opens the club face while adding loft closes the club face.

I am not sure about changing the lie though. I was wondering the same but just never asked. 

I am sure the TT folks will be able to clarify.


Team Titleist Club Concierge

Cameron D


The there is an effective face angle change as you increase or decrease loft.  For every setting you increase the loft, you are effectively closing the club face by 1*.  For every setting you decrease the loft, you are effectively opening the club face by 1*.  You should still continue to use the lie angle adjustments to help correct the curvature of the ball flight (left to right or right to left).