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  1. James E


    Are you coming up short on full shots or are you coming up short on chips and/or sand shots?

    The bounce on a 60 degree typically is less than the typical sand wedge. This may be an issue that takes some getting used to. 

    It is easy to go underneath 60 degree wedges at least for me. That can lead to coming up short as the ball can either roll up the face and not have the power of the club behind it or one can hit it higher on the clubface where the power is not located.

    I personally use my 60 degree around the greens about 95+% of the time. Because of the risks I have with a 60 degree from the fairway I rarely lay up to a 60 degree range and prefer to have 100-110 yards for my sand wedge. So I play around my issue.

    Just try to keep practicing the 60 degree, you'll learn how to hit it well. It is a great club that is very useful. Good luck.

  2. Norris

    James, I had the same problems. My 60* was my love/hate club. I never knew what it was going to do, so I couldn't trust it, especially short shots from the rough, or fairway. Then I got a Vokey 58* wedge, and that solved my problems. Just that 2* less loft made all the difference. I never scull it and it's great from 50-55yds. out, and great for short chips, and pitches. I hit it high from the fairway with a soft landing, so I can go for the pin without a lot of rollout. If you can't get the 60* to workout for you, try a 58*.

  3. Speedy

    In my experience with the 60 degrees, i just did a lot of practicing..   I had a CLVND wedge before getting the SM5 and just practice all the time at home or on the course when playing solo.  I needed to improve my short game to improve my scoring so i just plugged away.. 

    I'll admit It took me a very long time before i felt confidence with it but now it's my go to club when i'm around the greens.   It's also my favorite club when a flop shot is needed.   

    All i can say is don't give up and keep plugging away.. It'll come around.

  4. Matt H

    James, A 60° wedge can be a very powerful tool in your bag if used correctly. How far can you hit it? Are you swinging 100% or are you choking back to maybe 85%-90%? A 60° wedge for me is best used on a little steeper downswing, that way I don't sweep right under the ball and pop it straight up. You could give that a try. Instead of trying to baby the shot up there, grip and rip and see how far it will go. Hope this helps! Matt
  5. Mike C

    I can understand the love/hate feeling with any club, especially the 60 degree wedge, but for me it's all love.  When I first started using this club, it was inconsistent and I didn't really know where the ball would go.  I spent a lot of time in the short game practice area with my 60 to learn how all types of shots come off the club.  Whether it's opened up or closed down, a lot of different shots are possible with a 60.  For me, it was spending a great deal of time practicing with this club to gain the confidence that I can make any shot I want with it.  Of all of the clubs in my bag, not the 60 is my favorite and my go to club anywhere around the green.

    One thing I was thinking about as I was writing this was to ask you if you have the correct 60 for your swing type?  There are several different grinds available and different grinds are more well suited to different swing types and conditions.  For example, I live in Texas and generally use a 60 M grind as we have pretty tight conditions around the green.  If I am somewhere I am playing in really soft conditions, I will use a 60 TVD K grind to give me a little more bounce.

    Good luck and enjoy the new wedge.  The Vokey Indigo wedges look really great and with a little practice time with it, it should give you great results!

  6. Chuck Z

    Do not have a problem with mine anymore, I sold it and bout a 56.10* sm5 s grind for all short shots and sand shots.........

  7. Don F

    I have to say that I'm with James on this. I usually pull my 48 degree wedge when I'm playing with someone else to save face. I play this only when on the course alone. I'm not as consistent with this club as my 48 wedge for some reason with being short the norm. Should the ball be centered for all shots? I tend to move the ball closer to my left foot as I get closer to the green. (right hand player)

  8. Eric R

    My 60* wedge is my go to club from 80 yards and in so I play/practice with it a lot.  I don't think I scull it or chunk it more or less often than any of my other clubs, but It all just comes down to practice with it.  More practice = more confidence. 

  9. Luke P

    Hi James,

    I also had this problem with my 60 degree. I would either chunk it or thin it when I tried to hit from the fairway. The reason you are hitting it so poorly could be becauses of the low bounce. Most 60 degree wedges have a very low bounce below 8 degrees normally. One solution could be to buy a 60 degree with more bounce. Maybe 12 degrees would suit you much better. My 60 degree only has 4 degrees of bounce. I still take a enourmous divot with this club but i have taught my self to make sure it comes after the ball (obviously). Another part of your problem is not commiting. If you don't commit to a shot its probably going to end up being a bad shot no matter what club your hitting.

  10. Tom B

    I made an agreement with My 60 (another brand). I don't bother him and he doesn't bother me. Had same problem and inconsistency. It now sits at the back door to be used to retrieve the dogs leash if he doesn't come all the way back. Went to a Vokey 58 and then a Vokey SM5 58, and can do anything with it. Just open it up when I need a little more. Made all the difference in the world. The 60 happily minds the back door
  11. Dan S

    Add me to the list that went to a 58*. With the 60* I came up short a lot, like others said 2 degrees make a difference.

  12. Chuck Z

    I can see that a lot of us agree that the 60* is not for the average player like the majority of us.......the pros play it with requires a lot of touch/feel.........Zach and PM are masters with those lofts........

  13. James E

    Also, sometimes the reason a 58* is  easier to play vs a 60* is the bounce on the club. Typically there is more bounce on a 58* than a 60*. That could be another reason why some find it easier to hit.

  14. Penguin Power

    My 60* is my goto layup distance.  My 60 goes 80-85 yards.  If I need to hit it close I can always rely on my 60.  It is a great tool once you get used to using one.  Range time is the key.  Good luck!

  15. ben l

    James S,

    For me it's the hands that get in the way.  This is what works for me.  I added extra tape on my wedge 1/64 or 1 extra wrap.  I also swing with more weight stacked on my front foot (70 /30 distribution).  I use my 58 degree around the greens or on tight lies inside 60 yards.  Everyone is different, you just need to try what works for you. 

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