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716 vs. 718

Jeffery M

Any TT members recently get 716 AP irons and thinking about the new 718's? In July I got new 716 AP1's and they perform the way I want them too. Currently a 6 handicap and I don't think the 718's would benefit me much. Sure they look sweet but performance wise for my game, I'm not thinking about upgrading. Anybody else feel the same way?

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  1. augusto r

    Not much,just like I did ap2 714 to ap2 716. Maybe the ap3 would make a big difference.Try going to a demo day. I will definitely check this out,when it comes here to Hawaii in September.
  2. Jon B

    Not a perfect analogy, and everyone's circumstances such as discretionary income and alternatives for enjoyment differ, but I like to think of it like an automobile. I enjoy a new car, the smell, the new features, less noise, etc......but it takes a few years to wear out, the technology changes incrementally on new models, and it is not worth it for me to get a new one every year. For me, doing research before I buy and assuring myself that there is a "fit" for my game is more important then the next sparkly thing. I have 716 AP2s.....which I plan to keep for a few years, but I will look at the 718s, and probably just buy 818s to replace my older hybrids.
  3. Joel L

    My AP2s are almost 2 years old now but playing the best golf of my life right now( 1 handicap). My pro told me today that he previewed the AP3s last week and he said they are hot, significant distance improvements. His fitting sets should be here by Friday and I am dying to try them out. Yes, I bought new driver/3 wood this year so budget is not there for new clubs. I am going to have to make a decision whether to upgrade or not. At 56, I could always use more distance.
  4. Barry B

    You should read Speedy's post about his fitting last week.
  5. Ed S


    I was fitted in May and feel the same with one minor exception. I went with 716 AP2's but did the 4iron in an AP1. I intend to swap that for a 718 AP3. Otherwise I am completely content.
  6. Dave N

    I sport the AP1's right now, gunna gamble and wait to see if they come out in a dark finish.Too soon to upgrade says my better half.
  7. Rob_Roth1

    Go get fit and hit them side by side. If they are that much better than get them and if not stay with 716
  8. Russ H

    Currently playing 716 CB and 716 MB combo set. Happy with both but may look at replacing the MB and going 5-PW with CB so will definitely take a look at the 718 CB. Always trying to buy a game. :)

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