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miz to Titleist standard length

Jared I

I have researched everywhere and am finding conflicting information. I am transitioning from miz mp5 irons to 718 ap2. Ordering a full bag of Titleist this week. Is Titleist standard length really a 1/4" longer than miz (ie. 7 iron length 36.75" miz via miz spec sheet vs 37" Titleist via Titleist spec sheet. The forums are saying the miz measurement is with grip off and the Titleist is grip on, so finished clubs are actually the same length due to grip cap. How does Titleist actually measure? I would really appreciate some help figuring this out. Thanks!

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  1. Don O

    In my latest fitting I was reminded of something from my first Titleist fitting. This sounds crazy, but the png length is 1/4 shorter as well, and I consistently topped the ball but with the std length Titleist, I struck it cleanly. Trying the png with a 1/4 shaft over did resolve the problem during the fitting. When getting fit for some AP3s at a Titleist Thursday, the fitter tried the AMT and the AMC. The AMT performed better and w/o telling me, he tried a 1/4 inch longer AMC shaft. I didn't get longer because I was hitting fat. My recommendation, try the fitting iron with different lengths and pick the one that feels best and not try to build a miz set with Titleist heads.
  2. Andrew M

    Jared - You're right, the Titleist "standard" is slightly longer. I made the transition from MP54s to a full set of 716 CBsso have some experience. Previously I was a standard length and lie in the Mizunos. The CBs are definitely longer, but I offset that in my fitting session by ordering the Titleists with a slightly flat lie. I love them and don't regret my choice.
  3. Trevor D

    I have a couple sets of both and, grips on, Titleist's are actually longer AND more upright.

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