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Share your Titleist 910 driver pictures and stories here!

Team Titleist

Have you been fit for your new Titleist 910 driver? Is it already in your bag (or on order)? If so, we want to know all about it!

• What are your specs (model, loft, shaft)?

• What is your SureFit Tour (SFT) hosel setting?

• Tell us about your fitting experience.

• How does your new Titleist 910 driver compare to your previous (or current) driver?

And please, post a picture!

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Also be sure to check out what Titleist Brand Ambassadors Adam Scott and Bill Haas told Team Titleist about their new Titleist 910 drivers. Both Scott and Haas were two-time winners in 2010.

• Videos: Adam Scott Bill Haas

62 Replies

  1. Stephen B

    I have a 910 D2 coming in 9.5 with Aldila RIP stiff.  It should be here today but think it's gonna be next week sometime.  It will replace my 909D2 10.5 with Aldila NV 65s.  Think my settings will be high draw, not sure of code, but want to hit some proV1's with it before I settle on settings.

  2. Josh

    My new D3 should be here today.  I was fit by RC here in Austin and it was amazing.  I hit the new Fujikura Montore, Aldila RIP, Ozik, Project X and the Diamana Whiteboard.  I found the Whiteboard to be the best shaft for me in achieving the feel at impact that I was looking for.  With RC we were able to fit the head around this shaft and my launch numbers.  What we came up with was  a club that I feel like I can go after and hit the ball as hard as I want without fear of it going left.  I'm very cautious of "closed" looking clubfaces and the new technology, sure fit system, allows that to be take away. 

    My 910 D3:Diamana Whiteboard 73x in the C-1 Setting.  Will be 45 inches long. 


  3. Scott T

    I have been fit by one of the best Titleist Reps in the business. BD knows what I was looking for and when he was done tweaking me I picked up 15yards(910 D3 9.5 with the Aldila RIP cut an 1inch short. I gonna kill it in the spring!! The problem is our season is over so I can only look at my new 910 Driver and dream about how good the 2011 season is going to be. I can't wait!!!!

  4. Chad G

    I was fit a week ago at Miles of Golf in Ann Arbor Michigan.  Miles is an exceptional facility and their custom fitting is second to none.  Anyway, after about an hour of going through the various combinations of heads and shafts, I was fit into a 8.5 D3 with 60 RIP set to the C1 setting.  This came as somewhat of a surprise because previously I was hitting a 909 D2 in 9.5 extremely well.  However, the numbers where showing that I was spinning the ball too much with the D2 and my left miss was being over exaggerated.  Needless to say, the D3 fits me to a tee and is suprisingly  more forgiving, especially for my quick left miss.   Also, with the reduction in spin I gained 10-12 yards with the D3 setup.  I should be receiving my new driver in about a week, unfortunately just in time for winter.

  5. William K

    I was Fitted at Haig Hall in Wigan Lancashire. Ian Leigh did a great job , the club is fantastic and i recieved it on the 15th !

    Mine is a 910 D3 Diamana Kia Li Blueboard Stiff Shaft setting is A1 

  6. Rodel S

    Just got mine!!

    D2 10.5 Stiff Kai'li @B1

    Fitted at the TPI in Oceanside.  Great experience working with Jim Watkins!  The feel of the driver is tremendous!!  Doesn't hurt to pick up a few more yards too!!

  7. MP58

    New 910 was put into bag on 15th. Increase carry by 12 yards and tightened up dispersion using flightscope. Just need to let it loose on the course!

    Specs: 910 D2, RIP 60S shaft, A1. 


  8. Cody H

    I'm pumped! Just got my new set of 710 CB irons (DG S400), Vokey Wedges 52 (bent to 51), 56 (bent to 55), & 60, and most importantly, my 910 D3 10.5 w/ Project X 7B3 setting B-2.  I have the 910 F (13.5) and a 910 H (19) on order for February.

  9. Jerry S

    I'm still waiting as patiently as can be expected for my new 910 D3 9.5 with the kali'i stiff shaft.  No photos yet.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) it's raining here in So Cal this weekend so I'm not playing anyway....

  10. apex53

    Went to my fitting on Friday, tried a couple of settings and found that the B2 setting worked best for me... 9.5 degrees Diamana Kai'li stiff shaft, played yesterday and absolutely love this driver

  11. Matt G

    Gorgeous! I am so impressed by the aesthetic design of the new drivers.


    How you liking the new Wedges? I've noticed that my new Vokey's consistently take the cover off the ball on any soft cover ball. Are you experiencing that?

  12. apex53

    haven't had any issues with the new C-C Vokeys tearing up the cover... I did with my older Vokeys but the new C-C models haven't had any problems

  13. Stephen B

    well played my 910 d2 9.5 with RIP stiff set at c3.  Hit it 13 times.  10 fairway, 2 first cut and 1 fairway bunker which I was told I wouldn't be able to reach!  40 pts, nett 66 and took the cash.  My playing partner said on the 18th "you are really hitting that great today"  my reply, "I'll tell my wife you said so when she sees the credit card bill"  Very Very impressed and happy, now have to save for the fairway and rescue.  Thank you Titleist.

  14. Doug D

    I have twin 14 year old boys who just received their Titleist 910D3 drivers. We were fit on the Trackman in Ann Arbor, MI. What a great experience. Each son spent an hour on the Trackman trying different shafts and settings to see what worked best for them. When the fitting was complete, our curiousity was peaked as we waited for the driver. The following were the specs for each son:

    Setting was 8.5 910D3, A-1 (neutral) Project X - 7C3, 73G-6.0 Tip-Stiff

    Setting was 9.5 910D3, B-1 (a bit closed) Diamana 65 Mid Stiff

    While they are twins, each swing and style are totally different. My hat is off to Brent K. who did our fitting. Not only does it appear the selected shafts are correct for each player, I find it amazing that the face settings that were defined during the fitting were so accurate. Especially the setting of B-1, that son's ball trajectory started a bit more right than his R-9. Biggest difference I see is that Titleist Drivers are about a half of a degree open where most other drivers are biased to the closed side. When Brent adjusted the face, the direction off the Tee was exactly where he aimed with a slight draw and he did it over and over.

    The other son has been playing Titleist since he was first fit. He is replacing a 909D3 which he hit incredeibly well with the 910D3.

    I am extremely pleased with Titleist equipment and golf balls. One son has played Titleist equipment for the past 3 years and is ranked 25th in the class of 2014 by Junior Golf Scoreboard. The other is ranked quite high as well and is now converting to Titleist equipment. I was a big TM fan. I let my kids select what equipment they wanted. I am now a HUGE Titleist fan and wherever golf takes my sons, you can bet Titleist will be in their bags. Please know, I am telling parents I run into about how good this experience has been.

    Thanks again for a great experience.

    Doug DeMarois 

  15. Jason G

    I just did an on-course demo yesterday with the 910 D2.  This is hands down the best driver i have ever hit.  I placed my order today for a 910 D2 9.5 deg with the project x xstiff shaft.  I had the surefit set at B1, and I had the 12 gram weight in the sole.  I hit the driver on 11 holes, and i missed 2 fairways by a combined 3 yards.  i was hitting this driver 5-10 yards further than my 909 D2, and the trajectory and shot dispersion were markedly better!  I am a 20 year Titleist loyalist, and by far, this is the best driver that has ever come out.  Thanks, and I can't wait until my driver comes in!

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