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what do the Titleist model numbers mean?


what do the titleist model correspond to?

660, 670, 681, 962, 962b, 990b, 695, 591, 681 t, 775, 755, 804?

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  1. Ryan Crysler

    They are model of irons just like BMW's 3 series, 5 series, etc.

    The Titleist club archive is always fun to roll through:



  2. VQ-1

    ya, i saw that.

    but i read some where that the numbers mean the year month they where designed...

  3. VQ-1

    i think it goes like...month, year, model?

    681 means 6th month 1998 1st model?

  4. Chuck B

    I have used Titlest 775 cb for the last 5 years and am thinking of replacing them with AP 1 or 2--any suggestions in terms of which AP model is as forgiving as the 775?

  5. Quintin H

    735 755 695 775 ----- 2006-2007

    660 -----2006

  6. Quintin H


    What happened to the club archive link under golf clubs?

    Going into the archive was not only fun, but it was a valuable tool for club comparisons.

  7. Ryan Crysler

    It's a little hidden now but here you go!


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