Slippery grips

I am a big fan of Golf Pride Tour Wrap, they stay tacky (need a quick wipe with a damp towel) and last seemingly forever.  I play five rounds per week and these show virtually no wear after 6 months.  On the other end of the scale are Winn grips which feel great but wear out in less than a month.  I tried Winn grips three times on all my clubs and the result was always the same, I needed to replace the driver grip after a few rounds and the others did not last much longer.  Add to that the fact they are some of the most expensive grips you can buy and I am amazed they are still in business.  

Stephen M

I've been using the Winn DryTac grips as they provide a nice cushion for a bad elbow.


This season, I replaced a few clubs and only used the clubs once before changing the grip.  The "stock" grip just felt awful to me.  When I finally replace my irons, I'm definitely going with the Winn's or something similar.

BAD ELBOW ... I'm assuming that you have elbow issues too?  I had elbow surgery 2 years ago on my right "medial" arm. And now after 6 cortisone shots in my left elbow for the same issues for the last year, I'm getting surgery in a week to do the same thing. Bone spurs, torn/frayed tendons and severely "bruised" nerve ... Talk about painful!  Is this what you have experienced--assuming that you in fact have/had elbow issues? 

As far as grips are concerned, I've been using the super tacky Golf Pride 2G Tour Wraps (I really like the 2G) with a double wrap of tape ... Unfortunately they only do so much with moisture. I am re-gripping my new 714 AP2's with the New Decade MultiCompound but with a Triple wrap of tape--for big hands and elbow issues. I also have S300 Sensicore shafts--and LOVE them!

Any thoughts, advice regarding what causes the golfer's elbow--aside from the typical issue of pounding the ground too hard?