910 D3 Headcover Design: Difficult compared to folding design

I love my D3! The cover is easy on/off and it absolutely creams anything on a tee. Maybe my problem with my D2 is the headcover It is on too tight and I cannot hit the broad side of Manhattan with it. LOL!

have no problem with the 910 d3 head cover but have had problems with the inner linning on the 910 hybrid cover the inner linning was not sewed in properly and would bind up in the club head.

Hi John

Take your hybrid cover to your local pro and have him/her call our Warranty department. 

I have both drivers also and struggled with the 910 headcover for 2 rounds.   Finally a lightbulb went off....oh! a handle.  Takes abit of getting used to but I like it.

I loved the 910 cover. My only problem is that I lost mine and I can't seem to find a replacement one anywhere. I need to find something soon though, I don't want the driver getting damaged w/o a cover on it.

Thank You Ill Do That