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3W 913Fd

I have number 7 weight in the bottom of the club head, what is available and the benefits of changing this weight amount

Club Fitting

Driver shaft length

Evening I am having a fitting for driver this weekend, I know a 3 wood length shaft in my old driver gives me more control...

Club Fitting

New Set of Clubs

Hi just stated playing regularly after a long lay off. Currently have Wilson fat Shaft. I am going for a full bag fitting in...

Club Fitting

Shorter Driver's

Was thinking about cutting down my driver about an inch and a half just to see how it went. Always felt like having a shorter...

Club Fitting

Driver Shaft

I would like to get a new shaft for my 913 D2 driver. I bought it off the rack with the attached pictures shaft. I think the...

Club Fitting

Sure-Fit Hosel

A basic inquiry about the Sure-Fit hosel and how it impacts ball flight. I have always understood that as a general...

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