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Club Fitting

915D Wrong Shaft? Maybe?

Hi Is there an easy way to tell if a shaft hosel is setup for left handed or right handed? I assume they are different if...

Club Fitting

Titleist Demo Day

I've searched on the internet and I can't seem to locate a Titleist Demo Day. I currently play 714 AB2 irons. I'm...

Club Fitting

Oceanside TPI Fitting

In case anyone is debating on making a trip to TPI at Oceanside, I just want to say that it is way worth your time. It is by...

Club Fitting

Club Tip Weights

Does anyone know the weight of the tip weights that would come standard in DG AMT shafts into AP2 heads? Also, the weight of...

Club Fitting

T-MB 3 iron

I recently got fitted for a new set of AP2 and absolutely love them. The GolfMart fitter in So. San Francisco was great and...

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