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Iron Fitting - Swing Weight

I recently got iron fitting and suggested KBS Tour 90 with +.25 length, standard grip + 2 wraps and swing weight of D7. If I order iron set through...

Club Fitting

915 Fine Tuning

I got a 915D2 in December, and I have it in the neutral setting. I was wondering if they do the "30 minutes 30 swings 1...

Club Fitting

915 Fine Tuning

I got a 915 D2 in December, and want to fine-tune it (I still have it in the A1, or neutral setting). I have seen ads...

Club Fitting

Hybrid Shaft

Hey Guy´s I have one litte question. I have got fitted to new set of Titleist 917F2 and 816H1 with both Tour AD DI 70 stiff...

Club Fitting

Longer Clubs

I ordered my new wedges directly from Titleist 2 inch longer then standard. Thats max they allow... They also allow you to...

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