swing speed

Lou G


Lou G

With 190-200 yard 6 irons, you should be on the PGA tour. 

I wish that is all it took. I consider myself a long hitter, but I am a terrible scorer. If you are young, tall or flexible, distance isn't a problem.

Short Game!  A lot of people crumble within 100 yards of the pin.  Also see a lot that struggle hitting bunker shots.

No argument from me. I was killing my irons all day today, but I was leaving my chips short, and I could not putt.

Hi Just been to Titleist UK for a fitting and very interesting indeed.  I manage a club head speed of around 83 Mph but only hit it around 150-155.  The reason is I don't hit down on the ball enough according to the fitter and Trackman.  Ideally a downward strike of 3-4 degrees compresses the ball and gives a better flight and goes further.  It explains why I hit my driver well and a good distance but irons balloon and go too high.  Clubhead speed is not everything, it's also the clubhead path in all directions and hitting it out the middle.  Ended up with Ap1, ½ short, 1 deg flat Dynamic Gold R300 (really wanted KBS but better with DG's).  The Trackman is a great bit of kit, wish I could afford one!