Getting AP2 Irons

Hi my name is Nicole, I play for my college golf team. I am in the midst of purchasing a whole new set of golf clubs from Titleist. I decided on the AP2 irons, but I am wondering if there is a light-weight steel shaft available for these clubs. I know my club fitter will assist me with this, but I want another opinion. My swing speed is about 95-100 mph. 

Hello Nicole,

Yes, we carry the NS pro 850 and 950 and both are very popular with the LPGA pros.  We also carry the NS pro 970, KBS tour and the new Dynalite gold XP.  All are lighter than standard DYG shafts.  As always, we would recommend being fit.  Give us a call if you need a recommendation for a fitter in your area - 1-888-TITLEIST.

Cathi. Can you please tell me what Grips John Cook is playing with his AP2's this season? Thanks

John plays a Crossline cord .58 ribbed grip.

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

John plays a Crossline cord .58 ribbed grip.

What shafts is John Cook playing?