Tour AD DI-6x


Does Titleist tip the Tour AD DI-6x shaft when installing it in a 910D3? If tipped 1/2" how dramatically would that change the shaft characteristics?


We can tip the driver shaft up to 1 1/2".  Standard tipping on the DI 6x is 1/2".

Just wondering if titleist tips the tour ad di 6s a standard half inch as well? I know these shafts do play a tad softer to flex thats why i am curious if titleist does this already so i wont have too. Also this should lower the spin a touch right?

Standard tipping on all DI shafts is 1/2"

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Standard tipping on all DI shafts is 1/2"

is 1" of tipping equivelent to a shaft flex i.e. stiff to x-stiff?


what is the best way to tell if a di shaft has been tippped after i have it pulled?  would it be to measure from tip to the first ring on the graphic?

In general, 1" of tipping will change it by 1/2 flex, but it can vary from shaft to shaft depending on the differences in shaft bend profiles.  When you talk about tip frequency, you are only stressing one part of the shaft and when you swing, you are bending the entire shaft.