Aerotech steelfiber iron shafts

Will Titleist offer steelfiber graphite irons shafts for the AP2's as an option?

Not at this time.

Why does your catalog list the Aerotech Steelfiber 110cw as an iron shaft option then?


They were just recently approved and have been added to our iron matrix, but only the i110 option in stiff or x-stiff. 



Since the winner of the FedEx cup used Aerotech i95 iron shafts, will this have an effect to speed up the decision process for Titleist to add the Aerotech as a shaft option for the AP2 irons? I am seriously considering ordering the AP2's. Larry C.


Shafts are put through the approval process well before they are released to the market by the shaft vendor.  Some shafts are put through this testing process a few times, but it doesn't look like these shafts will be approved. 



Cameron, Thank-you for your quick response. I will look at the other shaft options Titleist offers if I order the AP2's. I will probably install Aerotech shafts in my current Titleist irons 704CB's. And try them out first though. Have a nice day. Larry C.