910 F / 910 H Shaft Help?

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George M

I would like to purchase both the 910 F 15* and 910 H 19* but need help choosing a shaft. Last week I purchase the 910 d2 driver in 9.5* with a bassara 50 Hi - stiff shaft and the fit is absolutely perfect for me, especially since I have a some back issues. Because of the way my driver fits me , I'm thinking that I should also consider the bassara shaft for both Fairway wood and Hybrid I want to purchase. With hope that I can get some help from someone who knows or has experience with these shafts here is some Information about my swing. -- Driver SS is between 90-96 --- moderate tempo - mid ball flight. Remember I would prefer a light shaft due to back issues. Thanks



I have the 910 F 15° stiff and 910 H 17° regular both in the Kai'li Diamana shafts and noticed the flights are rather low for my taste.  But, the distance (with row) I get is good from the lower flight.  Thinking about changing shafts to the Ilima Diamana shafts to get a higher flight, but would I lose distance because of the higher flight, and if I were to get the Bassara would I even lose more distance?

Kind regards.