driver shaft fitting

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richard l

I currently play a 910 d3 with a Project x 7c3 6.0 shaft.  Using this shaft I feel I launch the ball too high and loose distance and accuracy.  I do not currenly know my swing speed on my driver but when I hit my driver pretty well I carry the ball somewhere around 290 yards.  I did recently get fitted for my irons and had a swing speed average on my 6 iron of 105 mph.  I am thinking about going to a project x 8 series in 7.0 or and aldila rip 80 in xs.  would either of these work for my swing speed?

Freddie R

The Real or even stock ahina may help with distance, trajectory, accuracy, and feel. Project x driver shafts are for more the people who like heavy but swing easy, the ahina is a lot better for higher swing speed. known from experience. i traded to the ahina from the project x i gained yardage and accuracy with a ahina 72 x-stiff.

richard l

The problem I am running into is that the fitter I went too does not do fittings for titleist equipment. I have not found anyone in my area that have any x stiff shafts available to try out.