910 D2 Fitting Help

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Greg F

I have a 910 D2 10.5 head that I recently was fitted with a custom shaft. I'm 63 and a higher handicap and was fitted into a 44" Oban Devotion 7, 75g stiff shaft which reduced my spin and gave me 20y more on average. This setup has a c9 swingweight and I'm experimenting around with changes. I went to a 25g grip to lighten the static weight and get a little more swing weight. This hasn't seemed to help my consistency and I'm thinking about increasing the weight in the head and or going back to a standard weight grip. It currently has the standard weight and what can I increase the swingweight to with heavier head weights?

How do I buy a heavier weight?

Also where is the sweet spot on the face and what tee/ball height works best? I heard with the newer heads it is no longer good to go with teeing it higher.