Have a custom shaft for my 910D3, will it fit on the new 913D3?

Started by : John H |

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John H

i just bought my 910D3 a couple months ago and then got wind the new 913 will be out. My question is can I take my custom shaft for the 910 and be able to use it on the new 913D3 when released?


James M

I've spent over $500 on getting fitted for the right shaft and then the purchase of that shaft.  I absolutely  love this shaft.  So my question is, Can I purchase just the 913 head only, or is there going to be another shaft on ebay?

Dan C

I wouldn't buy off of eBay, but you can get just the 913 head without the shaft.  Also your local golf store or shop at your country club could probably get you just a head.  I wouldn't trust eBay, and go to your club pro, he will get you hooked up with what you want, mine always does.

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi guys,

Just to clarify, the 913 head is not available as an individual component.

- Mike