Reshafting my 712 AP1's with a lighter shaft

Started by : Hunter M |

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Hunter M

I recently ordered a set of AP1's with TTDG S300 shafts.  I've played them about 8 - 10 rounds, but find the overall weight of the club to be a little on the heavy side.  I've played the TTDGSL S300 for the past several years in other irons sets prior to this set, and decided to reshaft these irons with this shaft to make them a little lighter.  I got my shafts the other day and began the process of pulling the existing shaft (I started with the 5 iron) and noticed when I pulled it out that there appears to be a brass tip weight plug in the tip of the shaft.  I did not think of tip weighting before I ordered my new shafts, but then again I've reshafted clubs a few times before and this is the first time I've seen these used.  My question is - - would I need tip weights for the TTDGSL shaft?  My thinking is the tip weight was used to help offset the overall weight of the shaft since it is a little on the heavy side and, since the TTDGSL is a much lighter shaft, a tip weight would not be needed.  Any thoughts?? Thank you:)


Brian R

Well I finished checking the swingweights yesterday and they were all right around D3 so considering I added 3/4" that is not too bad. I could go to a heavier grip but I am going to play with them as is for now. Don't think I can tell the difference between D2 and D3 anyway.