regular grip versus midsize grip

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what are your thoughts on going to a midsize to stop with a big draw to a slight fade?? is it true a midsize can take some of the wrist action out?


Hey great suggestion on the extra wraps under the bottom hand as much as I tinker I never thought of that I will put the midsole on with a few extra wraps under the bottom hand to take the taper out even more. What are your thoughts on the Winn lite firm midsize? I am looking at this grip due to the weight to regain a heavier swing weight as this grips is only 28-30 grams. I cut my 909D2 down to 44.5 with a stock matrix ozik 6 shaft 

Don O

I went with the Winn Lite Dri-Tac Mid-size wrap on driver.  In my case, it enhances my turnover since I can hold the driver with less grip tightening.  It has actually narrowed my spray pattern.  The hard part is deciding how may more clubs to try.

Lou G

I have Winn Excel RF midsize on my 910F 19* and 910H 21 and 27 (this is 43g) because these are -1/2".

I have a 2007 Burner HT driver with the Winn Lite Dri Tac oversize because I have the shaft cut down to 44.5".

They do quiet your wrist action down.  I went to larger grips on the woods and hybrids about 4 years ago because I tended to pull my shots.