Ordering a 913 metalwood or just a shaft

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Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

The 913 drivers will come standard with a 9 gram weight.  You can and should request a different bezel weight if you would like it to swingweight lighter or heavier.  Talk with your pro when placing your order and they can order the club with a particular weight. or to a swingweight within our tolerance.   There is no upcharge to change the weight when you are ordering your club or shaft.

If you are ordering a "shaft only", this shaft will also come with a surefit bezel weight.  If you would like to try a different weight or want a different swingweight within our tolerance, please ask your pro to order that particular weight with your shaft order. 

Here are the standard swingweights for the 913 drivers with that 9 gram weight:

C7 for ladies Bassara W,  D1 for senior and regular flexes of Bassara W,  D2 for the Bassara W stiff and X flex,  D3 for a RIP alpha 60 and +Blue, D4 for the +White and D5 for the RIP Phenom 70. 

Keith M

They sure will, just did it today actually at the golf store.

Christian J

Yes, you will be able to interchange the shafts, only between drivers though.  The fairways have a new surefit system that won't allow for that though.

Stetson F

Yes they will work in the 913, no need to look for a new shaft.