Ordering a 913 metalwood or just a shaft

The 913 drivers will come standard with a 9 gram weight.  You can and should request a different bezel weight if you would like it to swingweight lighter or heavier.  Talk with your pro when placing your order and they can order the club with a particular weight. or to a swingweight within our tolerance.   There is no upcharge to change the weight when you are ordering your club or shaft.

If you are ordering a "shaft only", this shaft will also come with a surefit bezel weight.  If you would like to try a different weight or want a different swingweight within our tolerance, please ask your pro to order that particular weight with your shaft order. 

Here are the standard swingweights for the 913 drivers with that 9 gram weight:

C7 for ladies Bassara W,  D1 for senior and regular flexes of Bassara W,  D2 for the Bassara W stiff and X flex,  D3 for a RIP alpha 60 and +Blue, D4 for the +White and D5 for the RIP Phenom 70. 

Will the 910 shafts be interchangeable with the 913 series? I have shafts in my 910's that are no longer in production and would love to keep them in play.

They sure will, just did it today actually at the golf store.

Yes, you will be able to interchange the shafts, only between drivers though.  The fairways have a new surefit system that won't allow for that though.

Yes they will work in the 913, no need to look for a new shaft.