grips not straight on my new set of AP2s

Started by : Andrew P |

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Andrew P

I recently ordered a custom fit set of new AP2s and it seems that the grips on almost all the clubs set the club up closed.  I am left-handed and had this problem once before when I had a golf course re-grip my old set and they did not put the grips on straight. I can understand how difficult it could be for a right-handed golfer to put grips on straight for left-handed clubs.  I would think at Titleist they have a machine that sets the grips on squarely when they manufacture the clubs. My questions are:

1. Are the AP2 irons designed to set up more closed than my old set (DCI 762 ~ circa 2001)?

2. Should I go back to my home golf course where my clubs were ordered and have them take a look?

3. Does Titleist have a machine that puts the grips on square, and I am just crazy?

Any insight is appreciated.