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Nick D

I recently was playing the 909D3 with a axivcore tour green 76x. I will be getting or ordering the new 913 but was wondering about shafts. The place where i go to do my fitting does not have any shaft heavier than a mid 70's weight. They have the diamana in the mid 70g and the phenom also at the weight. I would like to possible jump up the the mid 80 to tame my very quick transition in my swing. Judgeing for my old shaft would i stay in the x flex range if i jumped up 10grams or if you go up in weight do you want to also tame the flex. My ss is 115-117. i did like the 76x but was wanting a little heavier to tempo my transition. was thinking the ahina or phenom or rip all in the mid 80g. which shaft also is a good fit.

                                                                                                                   Thanks Nick

Nick D

Thank you Dustin for the reply, but that is where my issue stands. i have no options to try a heavier shaft in a x or in a s flex.. The two main places for me to do my fittings in this area go no higher than a 76g V2.  The highest X flex for me to try is in a RIP 60. Yes both places have the phenom 70 and diamana + 70, but no x flex and nothing heavier.


When I hit the 913 I took my shaft from my 910. You could always look for someone selling a 80's gram x and take it to try. If it doesnt work you can always re-sale it. Just an Idea.