Any tips on shortening the newTitleist 913 Rip 60 driver shaft? Swingweight combos?

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Ty J

First I would like to know if cutting 1 inch from the but of the shaft the propper way to shorten the Rip 60 shaft with the adaptor in the tip. After regripping interested to hear about any combos or experiences getting the club back to a D3/D4 swing weight.

Currently I had -3/4 off rip 60 shaft with the 910 head and used a 9 gram weight and multicompound grip to balance out the swingweight to D3/D4.

The 913 I guess is 2 grams lighter then the 910 head so know I am starting all over. One of my main concerns is if I am shortening it correctly by just cutting the but. I want to do everything right and not screw up this new driving stick. I am guessing if I cut 3/4 or 1 inch I need to put in the 11 gram or 14 gram weight.

Any suggestions or combos out there people like? Thanks.



Lou G

Cameron D


You are correct by butt cutting the driver for your preferred length.  The only thing is that you will lose close to 6 swing weight points in doing this.  You can add the 14g bezel weight to the head, which will get you to D0 and then when you add that Mulit-Compound grip you will get one more point added to the swing weight.  The heaviest you will get your driver, by our swing weight scales, will be D1.



If you want to go the route of using a Golf Pride 25 or Winn Lite (either the Dri Tac Wrap or the V17) grip, that will restore 5 swingweight points.  The standard Golf Pride Tour Velvet or Lamkin Crossline is 52g.   If one happens to be blessed with large hands, a midsize grip is ~67g (that is 3 swingweight points lighter).  The other grips are ~25 grams (the math: 5g change in grip weight = 1 swingweight point). 

I'm a tinkerer so do things that are a little out of the norm.   I have a Burner HT Draw Driver M flex shortened to 44.5", 910F 19* with Bassara A flex shortened to 41" (with D3 setting) and 910H 21* with Bassara A flex shortened to 39" (with D3 setting) and I have Winn Lite Dri Tac oversize grips (26g).  My 910H 27* is 38.5" with Bassara R flex and I use Winn Excel RF with C3 setting.  What I can say is the longer clubs don't feel whippy at all.    

Ty J

Thanks Cameron,

             I took a second measurement of my RIP 60 shaft from my 910 and it is 43.5 from the tip of the adaptor to the but. I currently have the 910 D2 head with a 9g bezel weight in it and use a white out Multi-Compound grip. Shop scale reads it plays D3 almost D4. So if I matched the shaft length with the new RIP 60 that's on it's way with the 913 D2 and I put a 11g bezel weight in the head and regrip with either the white out or the 46g Multi-Compound grip I am guessing I should be similar to the weight I have now or do you think it will play less then a D3? Also I am guessing 43.5 end of adaptor to but of club is less then cutting 1 inch off of the but of the standard length RIP 60? Ty 

Ty J

Thanks for the reply. I am interested in feedback on how the golf pride 25 feels. I am tinkering with my current 910 driver and the rip shaft and trying to get it to a combo I like as far as grip and weight in the head then going to duplicate with my new on the way 913 driver. Hopefully I don't forget one head is lighter than the other. I'd like to have a D3 set up and just go with it. Sometimes experimenting takes away from my game but is a learning process for sure. Thanks again. Ty