Shaft Question with the 913 D2

Started by : Joe C |

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Joe C

I'm going to be purchasing a 913 D2 pretty soon and I am in between two shafts. The Blueboard stock shaft that comes with the driver and the Fubuki Tour 73 are the two I am in between. My swing speed is around 110 mph. I know my 6 iron swing speed is 91mph and I have been using extra stiff in my irons, but have yet to make the switch to my woods. I have a mid launch usually with a tendency to draw the ball and when a shaft is too weak I usually fade/slice it and I'm starting to do that with my woods. I'm leaning towards an X flex in the fubuki tour 73 because it has mid launch and spin and should be an easy transition into extra stiff flex. I feel as though the blueboard extra stiff might be too stiff and I would be unable to get my ball flight up, but then again I'm not positive because maybe it would fit me better. I'm just wondering which of the two shafts would be a better fit for me and from what I can tell the Fubuki extra stiff would be.

Once again my driver SS is average at 110 mph and can go up to 115. I tend to have a mid ball flight with a slight draw or straight ball flight.


John L

We'll i'll take a stab in the dark at it but honistly you should always get fitted. First off it would be a lot better to know what your previous shaft and club specs are. The Fubuki is a slightly higher launch than the stock blue board. I would say with your swing speed getting the ball up really wont be a problem. I would go with the stock blue board and save the money. Especially if your not going to go threw the fitting process. This years stock offerings seem to be slightly stiffer than the 910 lines. Going from Stiff to X-stiff wont increase yards but will probably ad a little bit of shot consistency. This is assuming you make consistant swings and ball contact.