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Dave M

Hi all need a little help. I currently play the ap2's 5-pw. I also carry 3 wedges a 50,54,58 all tvds. Don't want to give up a wedge. Many times in my bag I take out the ap2 5 iron and put in my razr x which is 25 degrees. I do this because it's a bit stronger and a little more forgiving. I hit this from about 190-200 yards. I am going to be fitted for the 913d2 soon and I'm thinking of going with the 913 f and 913 h when they are available. My question is how should I fill the gaps? This leaves me 3 clubs to reach 14. I was thinking of the fd in 13 degrees and f around 18 with the h around 21. Just wondering if I should play 2 hybrids and 1 fairway or the other way around. I hit my 15 degree r11 great from the fairway about 245. Just looking for suggestions because of adjustability just wondering how some of you have your bags set up. My bag will be 90 percent titleist by spring. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.