913 Shaft Diamana White 72+ vs Aldila RIP

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In the Jonzone


I was fit for a 9.5 910 D2 with the Alidila RIP S Flex.

I went to an indoor fitting last weekend and the Titleist rep fit me for the 913D3 and 10.5 with the Diamana D+White 72.

I felt the RIP was a little too light and that the Diamana White is a little too heavy but my launch and spin were about 14 degrees and 2400 spin with the Diamana.

How do I achieve a weight that is in-between the 2 shafts but still maintain the launch and spin characteristics with Diamana?

In the Jonzone

Hi Cameron

Thank you for the response.

I don't know what the stock weight in the bezel is, but what weight should I have in the bezel that would lighten the weight to somewhere between the two shafts?




I posted a similar issue regarding a 913D3 on 9.5' with Diamana D+ 62 S or 913D3 8.5' with Diamana S+ 62 S.

if the numbers and ball flight would be close.

Would be nice to hear if your try the D+ 62 and what results you get.

As here in UK we tend to be 6 months behind you guys.