Titleist Nippon 105T

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Gregory V

I was quite fortunate to pick up a set of 710 AP1's a few years ago, stiff flex, and found them to be a great fit for me.

I have tried many other iron shafts in the meantime (probably 12 different makes/flexes) and keep coming back to the 105T shaft in stiff.  Closest for me is the Dynalite Gold R300, and PXi 5.0.

I have seen that the 105T has a different step width than either the Nippon 1050GH or the 950GH.  The 1050GH is too stiff for me, and the 950GH hits the ball too high.

Is there another Nippon shaft that is close to the 105T?  

Any comments on the 1050GH in R as compared to the 105T in stiff?


Greg, a committed Titleist fan.